Nashville Plantation Shutters

why Choose plantation shutters?

Traditional or Contemporary

Plantation shutters are timeless. No matter what your decor is or what type of home you have, shutters fit.

High Resale Value

In addition to adding true value to your home, shutters make your home stand out to buyers who are always comparing your home to competing homes on the market.

Clean Look and Easy to Clean

Clean lines and seamless installation no matter the window style or size. To clean, a simple dusting is all you need. No more hosing off your blinds or washing your drapes.

Energy Efficient

Keep out the beating sun or a cold draft. A step above any other blind or shade, shutters have the highest insulation rating over any product that can be put on your windows.


French doors, sliding glass doors, arches, circles, ovals, hexagons, octagons, rakes. Shutters can accommodate any window shape or size.

Light and Privacy Options

Open your shutters all the way for full light and window exposure, or close them tight for privacy and light control.

Stand Alone Beauty

No additional window treatments are necessary. Shutters are great for framing and finishing your windows.

Shutter Options


    The louver size you pick can make a considerable difference in the look of your shutter. Smaller louvers are more traditional while larger louvers are more contemporary. Available sizes: 1 7/8, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, and 4 1/2.


    A divider rail is a horizontal split in your shutter that allows you to operate the bottom louvers separately from the top louvers. If you would like privacy on the bottom half and light through the top half, a divider rail is a good option for you. If you prefer the look of having one section of louvers from top to bottom, you can leave the divider rail off. It's up to you.


    This tilt rod is featured on the front of the shutter and is used to operate the tilting of your louvers up and down. A standard tilt rod gives a more traditional look to your shutter.

  • Invisible Tilt

    With invisible tilt there are not tilt rods at all (on Norman shutters). Adjusting the louvers is accomplished by tilting any louver (from the front of the shutter), and the invisible tilt gears keep them all in sync. Its purpose is to provide a cleaner, more unobstructed view by replacing the standard tilt rod.


    If your goal is to get the maximum view with the shutter panels hinged closed, you may want wide panels. Normally, customers get wide shutters if they intend to tilt open the louvers more often than they plan to hinge the panel open.


    If you intend to hinge open your shutters on a regular basis, narrower panels are more manageable and take up less wall space when opened.

  • Arches (Sunburst Type)

    A shutter can fit any shape of window that you have. Arches are a common specialty shape that we treat. A sunburst arch features wedge-shaped louvers that fan outward from a central hub.

  • Arches (Louvered Type)

    This type of arch treatment has horizontal louvers from top to bottom as opposed to a sunburst top.

  • Cafe Shutter

    Would you like only the bottom half of your window covered with a shutter? Try our cafe shutter option. With this option you can have the privacy where you need it with full window exposure where you want it.

  • Double Hung Shutter

    A double hung shutter has top and bottom panels that operate separately. You can hinge open the top section for full exposure and leave the bottom closed for privacy.

  • French Door Shutter

    Would you like shutters on your door, but your handle or knob is in the way? A French door cutout is the perfect solution.

  • Sliding Glass Door Shutter

    This type of shutter can operate two different ways:

    • Bifolding - shutters hinge back to your wall
    • Sliding - shutters slide back and forth on a track.
    Shutters are a great alternative to vertical blinds on your sliding glass door.